Locate Precisely

Why estimate where a building might be located?

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Analyze Accurately

How can BuildingFootprintUSA™ data improve the daily analysis that you perform

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Visualize Clearly

Is it challenging to convey analysis and decisions to your organization?

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Accurate, Attribute-Rich Building Footprints

Helping Companies Solve Business Problems with Accurate Data

Diverse industries integrate BuildingFootprintUSA™ data solutions to solve critical business problems.



  • Risk Assessment
  • Underwriting Pre-fill
  • Risk Aggregation
  • Peril Services
  • Disaggregate Risk Exposure
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  • 5G + WNP
  • Fiber + Cable Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Emergency Services
  • Network Management
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Public Sector

Public Sector

  • Emergency Management
  • Urban Planning
  • Public Works + Safety
  • Land Management
  • Taxation
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Mobile Location Technology

Mobile Location Technology

  • Location Based Marketing
  • Movement Analysis
  • Location Based Search
  • Social Media Geospatial
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  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Network Planning
  • Customer Analytics
  • Risk Management
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Don't See Your  Industry?

Don't See Your Industry?

You too can benefit from high accuracy data.

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Working Together Towards a Common Vision

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Use Your Data with Confidence

Effortlessly recognize both potential opportunities or costly risks by enhancing the way
you obtain and analyze data—allowing you to make informed, accurate decisions.

BuildingFootprintUSA™ data includes up-to-date polygons or regions that represent the extent or boundary of every type of building including single family homes, retail, government, office, multi-family residential, entertainment, barns, industrial, garages, and more. We have created one of the most geographically accurate and comprehensive data sets of building footprints for residential and commercial addresses.

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