5 Takeaways from Street Fight Summit NYC

We had the good fortune of being down at Street Fight Summit NYC last week and we listened and presented. We’ll post an article shortly on our presentation at the Hyperlocal Startup Summit. We’d like to talk about five takeaways from the summit related to Location, Spatial and things that we care about.

Research Data & Location

Street Fight presented their "State of Hyperlocal: Original Research". By any measure location and spatial analytics come across high on the list of what companies care about; geotargeting for marketing spend, and vendor investment is high. Equally important, while the survey suggested many trends are expected to fade in relevance to hyperlocal (beacons, chat bots, VR), Location did not show up on this list as a perceived fad. We will be interested to read the whole "State of Hyperlocal Research Survey" when it comes out.

Mix of Location Techniques for Hyperlocal

Companies aren’t coalescing around a single technique or strategy around location – there are a wide variety of techniques that companies are using – geofencing, building level tracking, online-to-offline tracing, incented check-in location, beacons, and on and on.

Diversified Conference

By my count there were over 320 attendees at Street Fight and the mix of companies was amazing – agencies, practitioners, delivery, local directory, tools, media, and on and on. At some point Street Fight will have to break into one of those typical parallel track conferences and that will be a damn shame. There is huge advantage in a summit like this to have that opportunity to hear speakers across the whole hyperlocal ecosystem and not "self pigeonhole". We wouldn’t normally sit in on discussions by agencies, or by media companies talking about the relevance of hyperlocal to their media business… but we did and it was so insightful.

Global and HyperLocal

It’s surprising that you don’t hear words automatically come out about Global Reach with every discussion. It is almost assumed (we think) that when companies are talking about their technology or geographic reach of their service that they mean USA and… not much else? Is that because we were in NYC or because hyperlocal is 2 years ahead in the USA versus everywhere else. We don’t know! We think that in the future we’ll see companies explicitly stating their geographic coverage, remit, or relevance… or it may be good to prompt companies to speak to that. For those selling, supporting, deploying and using hyperlocal technology and services for multinational companies this will be more and more important.

The Big Location Players

The big Location players have their differentiation. We had a chance to see a panel of Placed, PlaceIQ, and Foursquare, followed later in the day by xAd. We also had a great opportunity to speak 1-on-1 with three of those companies afterwards. In conversation or presentation, each of these companies stakes out its own ground; while it would be easy to think of each of these big players as similar or cookie cutter, we have a number of differentiated stories that will be fun to watch play out over the next couple of years.

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