Adding value in our latest release

BuildingFootprintUSA – Adding value in our latest release

This week we are sending out our latest release of BuildingFootprintUSATM data to our clients.  Every BuildingFootprintUSA release has the same themes – millions of additional addresses geocoded to rooftop accuracy, millions more buildings with high accuracy height calculations, new county coverage, updates to existing counties, and more.

We want to highlight a couple of things about this release. Firstly, this is the second release to include a Residential / Business delivery indicator.  This flag indicates whether an address is associated with a residence, with a business or is unknown. This flag is another way we can answer one of the most frequent questions that we get – “can you show me all of the commercial buildings?” With our latest release, we are able to associate tens of millions of addresses with a flag that distinguishes commercial from residential.

Secondly, we continue to identify new sources of addressing information to combine with our building footprint data. In one fast-growth county in California, we identified new addressing data sources that help us identify an additional 210,000 addresses to a building footprint accuracy.  Our efforts aren’t limited to one or two counties. Nationwide, our addressing efforts help us add over 15 million rooftop accurate addresses to our latest release.

These are just two dimensions that we can highlight on how are data is expanding.  With releases coming out every quarter, we are constantly able to tell stories about how we can connect our data with other information, and how our clients are using BuildingFootprintUSA data to solve business problems faster and more accurately.


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