Announcing BuildingFootprintUSA™

Because we don’t live, work, play and shop on a pushpin

Today we are announcing BuildingFootprintUSA™, available in June 2016.

We marvel at high precision geocoding; we appreciate the challenge of building out a nationwide coverage of parcel data. However, when it is time to analyze and display things that are buildings and structures we use points and land polygons as proxies for the actual locations of homes, apartment building, offices, stores, stadiums, and on and on.

Availability of high resolution imagery solves many business problems where you need to see more than points and land polygons, yet many applications need vector information – an actual polygon that shows the building that can be analyzed, queried and displayed. Infrastructure planning, geofencing, building-level thematic mapping, risk management – all are use cases where building footprint mapping improves your business process and displays a richer texture to your map.

Our first product release contains 40 million building footprints out of an estimated 110 million structures in the United States. We project by the end of the year we will have over 50 million building footprints in BuildingFootprintUSA™, representing 45% of the nation’s structures, covering 50% of the nation’s population. We are hyper-focused on affordability, ensuring that it is easy to add valuable coverage to your map and analysis.

We aren’t stopping there – when you have the building you can add contextual information about the building – what are the characteristics of the building, what goes on in the building, and what exists in the building – more to come later in 2016!

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