August 2017 Release – Now Available

One of the most important things that we do at BuildingFootprintUSA™ is to expand our coverage and keep it as accurate as possible. Having a more complete building dataset insures that our users can solve their Locate, Analyze and Visualize challenges. Businesses in industries as diverse as insurance, telecommunications, retail, real estate, utilities and mobile ad tech benefit from the increased coverage and accuracy for their building-centric analysis.

Our August 2017 release of BuildingFootprintUSA™ is now available — providing both added coverage and updated data across our product line. With this, our 5th major release, we have added millions of additional buildings, millions of additional addressed buildings and tremendous increases in building height data, our most popular add-on.

We also are keeping our data as current as possible with 40 major update areas in our August release. For example in San Francisco we now include data that is more geographically accurate and descriptive than before:

San Francisco – previous coverage (top) and new coverage with

higher accuracy and definition in our new release (bottom)

BuildingFootprintUSA™ users continually amaze us with the problems that they solve with our data – problems that were previously intractable or that just didn’t have a highly accurate solution. With building-centric analysis we can give you an advantage in your industry. Drop us a note at and let’s talk about how BuildingFootprintUSA™ can give you more accurate Location Intelligence.

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