Building-Centric Analytics for Canada

We are announcing our latest release of BuildingFootprintCanada. Our solution offers the accuracy of building footprint data, and the ability to perform building-centric analytics for business problems based on locating, analyzing and visualizing information. This is our first nationwide release of our Canadian Addressed product – we now have coverage for over 4 million buildings nationwide.

Covering nearly 50% of Canada’s population, our March release can be used by nearly every industry with Location Intelligence challenges:

Telecom – wireless & RF planning, dropped call analysis, asset management, target marketingInsurance – catastrophe modeling, flood risk analysisMobile AdTech – proximity analysis, reverse geocoding, location based marketingReal Estate – valuation analytics, build-out planning, energy analyticsand more! Utilities, augmented & virtual reality usage, Retail, …

This year we will continue to improve BuildingFootprintCanada – by the end of 2018 we will have coverage for 75% of the nation’s population. Quarterly releases will insure that you always have the latest and greatest building and address information.

Want an introduction to what we do and the value of building footprint data? Watch our recent webinar, hosted by Directions Magazine. In our webinar we speak about building-centric analytics, the ability to join building data with virtually any other data with a location component. BuildingFootprintCanada comes with that same capability and we will have some exciting announcements in the coming months about our partnerships.

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