Building Data + Assessor Data = Extra Insight

A year ago, BuildingFootprintUSA™ developed a vision for spatial and demographic analytics – building-centric analysis. We can show you the building, tell you the address or addresses in the building, and connect the building to virtually any geospatial datasets that you can use for high accuracy analysis, geocoding and visualization.

Now we are excited that we can bring you nationwide assessor data that compliments your building-centric analysis – whether in telecom, utility and energy, insurance, real estate, site selection or another field..

What is assessor data? Assessor data, sometimes known as tax roll data, comes from local counties and cities and is used to drive decisions on the creation and management of real estate property taxes. We repurpose this rich dataset so that you can blend it into your existing data solution, providing additional color and detail for your analysis.

Understanding Building & Assessor Data

We connect our building data with assessor data. What does that mean? The majority of buildings fall on a single land parcel, and the land parcel has a single assessor data record. That is an easy connection.

Buildings can also connect or be linked to multiple assessor records. For example, it is not unusual for a shopping mall or plaza to be on multiple parcels of land, each with its own assessor information. A condominium building may have a single assessor record for the overarching building ownership, and one assessor record for each owning resident. Conversely, multiple buildings can be connected to a single assessor record.For example, a multi-building apartment complex can frequently be found on a single parcel of land and have a single assessor record.

BuildingFootprintUSA™(TM) solutions intelligently connect building data with assessor data. We provide the tools for you to understand the simple and complex relationships between a building and assessor data. Are you a real estate analyst or an insurance actuary evaluating a condo building? We provide you the tools to understand both the detailed and the aggregate data.

What is inside Assessor Data?

BuildingFootprintUSA™ solutions give you more than just a list of variables. We work with clients like you to curate the information that solves your business problem. We can provide information on building…

Valuation – Market value and assessed value information provides key ingredients for measuring risk and opportunity. For example, a catastrophe model needs to measure the property in dollars to convey risk exposure

Ownership – The ownership of a building can be a defining attribute. Is a building owner-occupied, is it owned by a business entity or co-owned by many, and what buildings does any given owner own?

Physical Characteristics – Building height in floors, square footage inside the building, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, age of the building and more – we are continuously surprised by the opportunities to use this data in traditional and innovative ways.

HVAC, Utilities and Construction, Roof and Foundation Types – These elements are foundational in analysis within the insurance, and utility industries. The presence or type or characteristics can drive opportunity and risk associated with a building.

Property Location, Jurisdiction and Usage – All of these attributes convey a sense of where – the location, who has oversight and what is the general purpose of the building? Many of our conversations with clients start with the question “Can you show me all of properties that are used for X and Y, that are near or within Z?”

“Has a…” flags – Does the building have a swimming pool, a driveway, a barn or a gazebo? Any of these attributes can impact the valuation of a building; any of these attributes can be re-purposed to help solve your business problem.

Use BuildingFootprintUSA™ data – building + assessor data – as a part of any data solution, inside any technology of your choosing. We do not lock you into any proprietary scheme or key.

Find out more…

The combination of BuildingFootprintUSA™ data and nationwide assessor data creates a powerful data solution — one that more accurately solves many longstanding business problems across all industries. In addition, we support innovators who use building and assessor data together to solve new, challenging problems.

Are you a location expert who wants to learn more? Drop us an email at Sales@BuildingFootprintUSA™.com to start the discussion – we look forward to hearing from you.

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