BuildingFootprintCanada November Release

Latest Canadian release pushes coverage to over 5 million attributed building footprints. Company also announces partnership with AIM Strategy to accelerate product expansion.

We are announcing the latest release of our Canadian product, BuildingFootprintCanada(TM). With our November 2018 release we have over 5 million building footprints across the nation.

Building footprint data – richly attributed with address information – is the next generation data for solutions requiring high accuracy locate, analyze and visualize capability. You can work with us to create data solutions, engage our our growing Canadian partner network, or use the data in the context of an Esri service.

Expanded coverage from Durham to Niagara and parts in-between:

BuildingFootprintCanada can be used by Telecom companies to plan 5G and wired infrastructure build-out, by Insurance companies measuring and mitigating peril-related risk, and by Mobile AdTech companies executing location-based marketing strategies.

Expanding our coverage to additional cities is foremost on our mind — and creating that high quality, expanded coverage is best done with local knowledge. In addition, connecting addressed building footprint data to additional data sources such as assessor data enables the creation of new data solutions. To that end we are excited to partner with AIM Strategy, led by Drew Doherty. Drew is a veteran of the Canadian data industry and will be working with us to expand coverage and create data solutions for Canada.

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