BuildingFootprintUSA™ 1.0 now available & what’s next

In May we announced the upcoming release of BuildingFootprintUSA™. We are building an affordable GIS building footprint data layer that provides additional context in your map, and more detail in your analysis.

Version 1.0 is now available for purchase and digital download on our website.

Since our pre-announcement we have spoken with decision makers across industries. These conversations have validated that businesses need something more – a new type of dataset to solve geofencing and geotagging problems, a rich high-precision dataset to support risk-related decision making, a building-centric dataset for target marketing.

Based on all of this feedback we can answer the question “So what is next?” We are working on three things:


Our stated goal is to get to 50 million building footprints by the end of 2016 and we want to shatter that goal. In our next release (by September) we are adding coverage for San Antonio, additional cities in the St Louis, San Francisco Bay and Seattle areas, Tallahassee, Las Vegas, Fargo, Ogden, Akron, Durham, Youngstown, Lubbock, Green Bay, and more. There are a number of states where we do not have any coverage (e.g. West Virginia) and we want to remedy that too.

Remember, when you license BuildingFootprintUSA™ you receive free updates for a period of 6 months; as the breadth of our coverage grows, you will receive the benefit.


One of the most exciting things about BuildingFootprintUSA™ are the conversations that we have had with different industries. Many of you have said “I like what you’re doing… and if you can add X to the product… we can use it for Y”. We’ve compiled the input and have already started to build prototypes. Our first additional product will be an addressed building footprint dataset, and you can imagine the additional requests to tie business, real property, demographic information and more to the polygons.


As we compile building data from hundreds of data sources we occasionally find issues – overlapping polygons, footprints that aren’t quite right for one of several reasons. We are identifying ways to detect and correct issues with the data that will ensure the best possible product for your use case.

So we have a full plate which is great. Thanks to those who have reached out for a conversation about their business problem. As always, we’re available at, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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