BuildingFootprintUSA™ – Adding more value in our November release

At BuildingFootprintUSA™ every quarter we add more value to our product to help you solve your hard Location Intelligence business problems. Whether you need to Locate, Analyze or Visualize as a part of your solution (or all three!) we know that more coverage and updated content provides you with what you need.

Our November 2017 product release – our 6th major release – is now available. With each release we are doing a number of things:

Adding new coverage of cities, counties and regionsUpdating existing coverageEnhancing our addressed building footprint coverageExtending our 3D/elevation add-on attribution

In our November release we are adding new coverage from coast-to-coast – from comprehensive coverage in San Diego County, California to Martin and St Lucie Counties in Florida.

Do you want to understand more about what we do and how we do it? Read our recent posting about the Detail Behind the BuildingFootprintUSA™ story. Why do we tell you so much about what we do? We want you to know that you are choosing a data partner that has a plan for building out nationwide coverage, a plan that you can rely on.

Have a potential use for Building Footprint data? The best conversations that we have are with location experts like you who want to put our data to work in innovative ways. Drop us an email at Sales@BuildingFootprintUSA™.com to start the discussion.

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