BuildingFootprintUSA™ Announces Canadian Data Solution

This autumn we are answering one of the most common requests that we get “Can you please add Canadian coverage?” We are announcing the availability of BuildingFootprintCanada Shapes in October and BuildingFootprintCanada Addresses in November.

BuildingFootprintCanada represents our commitment to build a Canadian product to solve Canadian business problems, and a North American product that supports clients who conduct business in Canada and the United States.

Our Canadian product, like our United States product, can be used to solve your business problems regardless of industry – insurance risk, telecommunications, emergency response, utility planning, real estate analytics and more. In Canada we expect to get the same requests to use our data in innovative ways that we receive in the USA . Do you have an innovative use for building footprint data in Canada? Let’s find out together if our data works for you.

Our initial product is much more than a few metro areas. Our initial release contains coverage within 10 Provinces and Territories. We are creating our Canadian product using the same strategy that has enabled us to quickly expand our quality product in the United States. Starting with millions of building footprints, every quarter will see an expansion of additional coverage and attribution.

If you are a Canadian company, or a multinational company with business challenges in both the United States and Canada, let’s find out if Building Footprint data can solve your locating, analyzing and visualizing business problems. Drop us a note at and follow us on Twitter.

Nanaimo, British Columbia

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