BuildingFootprintUSA API Beta Coming Soon

BuildingFootprintUSA API Beta – Coming in September!

We are excited to announce that we will be delivering a Beta release of the BuildingFootprintUSA API in September. After gathering invaluable feedback during our Alpha testing we’ve been working on both API and data enhancements in preparation of this Beta release.

The API will deliver best in class data elements that leverage key geospatial concepts like “find the nearest”, defined “radius search” and “distance to” calculations (coast, fire station, fire hydrant, etc.). 

Available “Building Level” Data Elements

  • Complete addressing and geocoding (rooftop, single family residences, multi dwelling units, campus locations, residential/business classification)
  • Building footprint polygons
  • Building height
  • Detailed elevation (Ground Elevation, Perimeter Ground Elevation, First Floor Elevation)
  • Detailed structure information and characteristics (Building square footage, year built, construction type, number of stories, roof insights)
  • Firmographics and occupancy (Commercial business type/classification, business revenue, business employee count, business year established, etc.)
  • Micro-demographics (Age, Income, Education, Occupation, etc.)
  • Real property sales, tax, ownership information
  • Location level hazard data 

BFUSA API Differentiation

  • Delivers the EXACT location of every building
  • Unique details about the buildings, combined with area attributes
  • Easy to use – within seconds you can determine valuable building centric insights 
  • Client is in control – consume what you want, when you want, within your budget
  • You don’t need to be a geospatial expert to get building level insights

Contact us to schedule a demo and get on the Beta Partner Program list for early access and special pricing incentives.


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