BuildingFootprintUSA API Coming Soon

The BuildingFootprintUSA API – Coming Soon!

The BuildingFootprintUSA API and Developer Portal will soft launch an Alpha release in early June.  The BFUSA API is a new way for clients to access the billions of data points available from BuildingFootprintUSA. The platform is designed to make it easy for clients to:

  • Explore our data and API at their own pace
  • Learn about what’s available and where
  • Test how it will work in your applications
  • Decide on the licensing level that fits your needs

The API offers consistent access to the data needed to build solutions for insurance, telecommunications, financial services, government, commercial and residential real estate needs as well as many other industries.


Key benefits for the developer:

  1. One API opens access to everything BuildingFootprintUSA has to offer
  2. One portal to find the core data required to build many solutions
  3. One place for documentation, data dictionaries, API testing, support, examples and more


Key benefits for the business:

  1. Full access to all data options with a-la-carte pricing to fit any budget
  2. Full visibility into data usage, what is working and what is not to help drive better decisions
  3. An open door to see new and cutting-edge data from our growing partner network


Please contact us to learn more, and let us know if you’re interested in participating in our Beta partner program. 

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