BuildingFootprintUSA™ – April Release Available!

We are announcing our April 2017 releases – BuildingFootprintUSA™ Addresses, Shapes and our add ons, including the Building Height and Floors extension for those who want to analyze buildings using a third dimension.

With tens of millions of building footprints, addresses, and address secondary units, our building footprints provide the highest level of accuracy to solve your business problem.

It is exciting for us when our customers combine their data with building footprints and they understand that a building footprint provides the best picture of where a location is.. They see how building footprints provide a better depiction and foundation for analysis than their current methods – address points and parcel boundaries.

Test drive our data! Send an email to or use our contact form. We will give you data for you to test against your use case – whether you are in insurance risk, utility management, telecommunications, location based marketing… if you are building a geocoder or other location intelligence solutions, or a use case that we have never heard of.

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