BuildingFootprintUSA™ August 2018 release – More data and accuracy for your Location Intelligence

By the Ohio River in Owensboro, Kentucky – know

each building’s ground elevation to determine flood risk exposure.

Industries as diverse as Telecom, Insurance or Location Based Marketing, all need Geospatial accuracy – accuracy in Locating, Analyzing and Visualizing location information. Where do you get the highest accuracy? Attribute-rich building footprint data.

Continuing our commitment to deliver this accuracy, we are announcing our August 2018 release, our 9th major release of BuildingFootprintUSA™(TM) data. With this release we continue our path to 75% coverage of USA population by the end of 2018.

Curating Data for the Highest Accuracy

As we create nationwide BuildingFootprintUSA™ data, what we deliver to you is:

quality coverage,continuously maintained, maturing and growingdelivered at an affordable pricewith no burdensome restrictions on what you can or can’t do with the data

How do we do this? We curate our data from hundreds of sources. We use many methods to find and incorporate the best data. We acquire data that local GIS teams diligently create and maintain, we partner with large organizations to integrate data en masse, and we create data where no data exists.

August Release Highlights

Highlights of our August release include:

Major additions of content in 29 states – we are delivering accuracy across the USAExtensive new coverage in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and moreOver 150 million unique addresses linked to rooftop accuracy, an increase of over 20 million addresses since our June releaseThe finalization of our 3rd partnership with a regional authority providing us building footprint data from their catalogOver 55 million buildings now have a ground elevation attribute

We don’t stop with linking building footprint data to high quality address information. We continue to draw from a menu of attribute information connected to buildings; we work with you to identify the best ingredients to solve your business problem. Learn more about how we connect building footprints to the highest accuracy business data and assessor data information.

Introducing Ground Elevation

Many of our clients require another ingredient for their analysis – ground elevation, or the height of the building where foundation meets the ground. Applications in Insurance, Telecom, Utilities, and Real Estate can now rely on a ground elevation that we have added to the BuildingFootprintUSA™ catalog. Over 50 million buildings now have a ground elevation attribute . With this attribute you can identify the ground elevation for tens of millions of buildings in our coverage.

Las Vegas – where buildings are unlike anywhere else in the USA

In two months, we do this all over again. While we are usually on a quarterly release schedule we are releasing new versions every two months because there continues to be so much content to get in the hands of our customers. Our October release will continue to deliver more value – more data, more accurate address information that you can rely on for Locate, Analyze and Visualize.

Have a potential use for Building Footprint data? The best conversations that we have are with location experts like you who want to put our data to work in innovative ways. Drop us an email at Sales@BuildingFootprintUSA™.com to start the discussion.

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