BuildingFootprintUSA™ Joins the Esri Startup Program, Bringing Building-Centric Analysis to Esri Community Innovators

BuildingFootprintUSA™, a leader in creating building-centric data solutions, announced that it has been appointed as an Emerging Business Partner in the Esri Startup Program .

BuildingFootprintUSA™ is pioneering innovation in the location intelligence building footprint product category. BuildingFootprintUSA™ continuously expands and improves their database of nationwide addressed buildings, and provides the ability to link buildings with other key information – physical characteristics, real property data, demographic data, list data and more. This building-centric data model allows any industry to use buildings – where people shop, play, work and live – as the anchor for any business problem requiring locating, analyzing and visualizing critical information, delivering the highest level of accuracy.

The Esri Startup Program is a global initiative that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to ArcGIS services and tools, content, training, technical support, global partnership opportunities, and co-marketing. Over a three year period this helps entrepreneurs starting technology product businesses with a mapping and location component.

“Joining the Esri StartupProgram is incredibly exciting for a company of our size,” said Karl Urich, BuildingFootprintUSA™ Founder and President. “Within the Esri ecosystem we can share the value of Building Footprint data to well-established industries such as insurance and telecommunications. In addition, many of the most exciting uses of building footprint data are yet to be discovered and we can’t wait to innovate in partnership with the Esri community. All of us at BuildingFootprintUSA™ have a shared enthusiasm for the coming years as a member of the program.”

Learn more about BuildingFootprintUSA™.

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