BuildingFootprintUSA™ Summer Releases

What is the benefit of richly attributed building footprint data? Whether we are speaking with GIS professionals at the Esri User Conference, insurance experts doing spatial analysis on risk portfolios, or telecom engineers in charge of 5G rollout – they all get it. Our data can be an integral tool in making better business decisions. BuildingFootprintUSA™(tm) data – combined with other commercial data and your proprietary business data – enables more accurate location, analysis and data visualization. Making better business decisions means that you are decreasing your business risk, decreasing your operating cost, or increasing revenue… or sometimes all three.

Every quarter we release our product with an accumulation of three months worth of work – adding new building footprint coverage, updating existing coverage, blending in the best available address information, and more. With our Summer 2019 releases for the USA and Canada, this quarter is really exciting for us.

What will you see in this release? More of everything… more buildings with height attribution, new coverage in urban, suburban and rural areas, updated address information, and improved US and Canadian postal addressing. We have added over 4 million buildings with height information, over 200 new addressing sources across the United States, new comprehensive addressing in Quebec, and nearly every province and state has new or improved building footprint coverage.

We have a curation model for creating our coverage – we collect data from GIS teams that are creating great data with local knowledge, we partner with public organizations and private companies, and lastly we manufacture or create data when none exists. Using all of these approaches lets us create the best coverage possible for any given area. Relying on only a single way to create or compile building footprint data is the wrong way to go.

For the last two years we have been using LIDAR data as our data of choice for creating building footprints. With our Summer 2019 releases, we are also using imagery feature extraction to give us another great method of creating detailed building footprint data.

We’re still on pace to cover 90% of the United States population by the end of this year. Curating and creating the best addressed data from thousands of sources takes. But it’s worth it to give you the most accurate and richly detailed data possible. Are you an energy company that needs rural Texas/Oklahoma panhandle coverage? We’re building out the coverage. An insurance company focused on hurricane risk? We’re creating Gulf Coast coverage for you. A regional Telecom company providing services to exurban and rural areas? We’ve got your back.

Are you interested to learn how richly attributed BuildingFootprintUSA™ data can improve your location intelligence? Do you want to understand how BFUSA data supports better geocoding? Are you interested to see how our data provides extra insight using 3D tools? Drop us a note at Attending InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas? Look for us at booth #935.

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