BuildingFootprintUSA™ Supports the Sunlight Foundation

An interesting moment in the growth of any company is when you have a chance to give back. Whether donating time or $$, a company can look around and identify causes in its community or initiatives aligned with the company’s mission.

Today at BuildingFootprintUSA™, we’re proudly giving back to an organization that aligns with our mission and values – the Sunlight Foundation. We made our first donation to this great organization – hopefully many donations to follow in the future.

Why do we like the Sunlight Foundation? BuildingFootprintUSA™ builds our products using government Open Data as one of our key ingredients, utilizing data from over a thousand sources. The Sunlight Foundation’s Open Data and Open Cities projects are fundamental in making government data freely available for anyone to use. In addition, the Sunlight Foundation broadly promotes government transparency and the availability of information to all; government works best with full transparency.

We encourage everyone to follow the Sunlight Foundation on Twitter to read about the programs and campaigns that they run and how they are making a difference.

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