BuildingFootprintUSA™ Unveils Rooftop Accuracy Geocoding Data

What if rooftop geocoding actually meant rooftop accuracy?

Logistics problems, sharing economy services, location-based marketing, risk determination, telecommunication modeling… all of these services require the highest geocoding accuracy possible and all would benefit from a real rooftop geocoding dataset. The most accurate geocoding – rooftop geocoding – saves businesses time and money, provides heightened awareness of customers based on their location, allows the most accurate modeling of people and places, and delivers confidence in results.

However what many geocoding and data companies are calling “Rooftop accuracy” is frequently no better than the centroid of a property parcel or an address point approximation. Claims of “rooftop accurate geocoding” are claims that commercial geocoding companies cannot confidently back up.

BuildingFootprintUSA™ Unveils Rooftop Geocoding Data

At BuildingFootprintUSA™ we believe that rooftop geocoding should mean real rooftop accuracy, supporting any business that values accuracy. Today we are announcing our Rooftop Geocoding Data, now available for nearly half of the United States with coverage expansion growing every quarter.

What does real rooftop geocoding mean to BuildingFootprintUSA™? It means that for tens of millions of addresses we can validate that the geocoded location is actually at the rooftop – not probably near the building, not guaranteed pretty close to the building, not frequently coincident with the building but at the rooftop. We use the same process to create BuildingFootprintUSA™ Rooftop Geocoding Data as we do when we blend building footprint data with many sources of address information to create our BuildingFootprintUSA™ Addresses solution. For us rooftop means… rooftop.

Office buildings, churches, retail locations, apartment buildings, single family homes – time after time we improve upon the accuracy of existing geocoding. Current state-of-the-art geocoding results are often shockingly poor for use in business applications that require mission critical accuracy.

In campus environments and apartment building complexes, the current state-of-the-art geocoding data frequently identifies only one location for the primary address in the campus or complex, with no location differentiation for the buildings, units or individual apartments. At BuildingFootprintUSA™ our goal is to tell you what is in each building where we can provide the differentiation described by the building number, apartment or suite. In the map below, for 420 Redding Rd we can provide the highest accuracy rooftop location (green) for hundreds of households; other geocoders and datasets can only manage an approximation for all of the households (red).

BuildingFootprintUSA™ Rooftop Geocoding Data comes with x/y location, address information, secondary unit information, and census block code… everything you need to build the data into a geocoding dictionary. Use BuildingFootprintUSA™ Geocoding Data in a variety of configurations – integrate the data with:

ESRI® Address Locator as a Single House Address Locator with SubaddressesPitney Bowes Spectrum® Enterprise Geocoding Module or MapMarker® as a User DictionaryYour own proprietary or custom geocoding solutionAny other extensible commercial geocoding technology – we will work with you to make it happen

As our basic building footprint data coverage grows, so grows the coverage of BuildingFootprintUSA™ Rooftop Geocoding Data. By the end of 2018 we will have at least 75% coverage of the United States so that you can get rooftop accuracy geocoding across the nation, supporting every business problem that values accuracy.

What if Rooftop Geocoding actually meant Rooftop Accuracy? It does now, and if the highest level of geocoding accuracy matters to you, start the conversation at

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