BuildingFootprintUSA™ version 1.1 – more value for location-based marketing and spatial analysis!

BuildingFootprintUSA™, released in June, contains over 40 million building footprints. This data (outlines of retail, residential, government and industrial buildings) provides the precision and detail that demanding applications require – applications such as location based marketing, property analysis, commerce, utility planning and insurance. Our first version contains over 40 million building footprints. At 50 million building footprints, by the end of 2016, our offering will cover nearly 50% of the nation’s structures, and 50% of the population.

We are excited to announce that with version 1.1, available on September 19th, we are well on our way to meet our 50 million record goal – version 1.1 hits the 47 million mark! We track our build-out based on client demand and metro coverage is important to our users; in version 1.1 we will cover over 2/3 of the top 100 cities in the United States.

New coverage in dark and light green – full county and city coverage.

Existing coverage in dark and light red – full county and city coverage.

Look for more information later this month as we build out coverage and add additional attribution to the footprints, including address information. If your business problem involves geofencing, location based marketing, target marketing, reverse geocoding or any form of risk management, we will have a solution for you. Our goal is to build the most the most affordable data to put context in your map and detail in your analysis.

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