Join us in a rewarding environment as we create the next generation of high accuracy data.
You'll join a team that is just out of startup mode, delivering real solutions to real customers.

What do we believe is special about working at BuildingFootprintUSA™?

That’s easy. It is what we are creating and how we create it. We are developing innovative, next generation data products that solve complex business problems across many industries. We speak with and learn from business and technology leaders in those industries – telecommunications, insurance and mobile adtech and more – who are looking to us to supply high value solutions that help them solve their problems better.

Want to know more about BuildingFootprintUSA™ and if it would be a great place for you?

Are you a technologist? We are using the latest technologies, tools and practices. Commercial and open source GIS and geospatial tools. Relational and non-relational databases. Python. Java. Specialty ETL tools. AI. ML. Big data processing. LIDAR. Imagery. Every month we’re turning hundreds of terabytes of information into new, useful data for our customers.

Are you a sales or marketer? We’re finding creative ways to put our value proposition in front of thought leaders across industries. We are identifying new partners who value our content. We invent new ways of working with our clients across industries.

What is the atmosphere to support all of this creativity and fast pace?

We created a culture that lets people learn and master skills and tools, understand how their work connects to the goals of the company, and work as autonomously and independently as they can. Heard of Dan Pink’s “Drive” philosophy? That’s one of our guiding lights.

Do you want free beer Fridays, pinball machines, and concierge services? Yeah… that’s not us. Instead we focus on giving people a place where they can contribute, learn, grow, and head home at the end of the day knowing that they are contributing to some amazing achievements.

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BuildingFootprintUSA™ is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
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Summer Interns and
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Look for us at University of Albany, Siena College, Rensselaer, and Union College as we speak with students about summer opportunities.

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