Commercial Insights

Do you need insight into the commercial locations or activity associated with buildings?
If so, you may be:

  • A location-based marketer connecting movement data to an understanding of what is happening in a building — why are people going to a building, or what can you infer about a building based on the people who go there?
  • An insurance company attempting to understand or validate the presence of businesses within a building while underwriting a property
  • A telecom company that needs to understand what businesses are in a building to determine the value of connecting infrastructure to a building or near a building

Through any of this analysis, you may want to understand two things. First, what are the individual businesses at a location and what are their characteristics? Second, what can be said about the building based on all of the businesses that are within the building?

Business and Commercial Insight

Gaining insight into the commercial activities of a building means drawing from a wealth of information on businesses and their characteristics:  

Businesses and their Location —the foundational information for a business is its name and its location. We locate businesses to buildings using rooftop accurate geocoding, and can frequently locate the business to a specific location within the building.

Business Categorization —we provide Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, and extensive proprietary classification information that fully enables you to understand a business.

Ownership —businesses are either independent or part of chains. Knowing who owns a business can help you understand the attraction of a location, or the value of interacting with the business.

Business Firmographics —we have a collection of variables that help you to fully understand a business. When was the business location established? Is it a white collar firm? Is it a growing business? Is the business a green or eco-friendly business? How many people work in the business?

Contacts & Social Handles —every business relies on multiple channels, including traditional and social, to communicate about their business and attract demand. We have a full complement of contact and social handle information.

Creating Data Solutions with Commercial Information

If commercial insight and business list data are part of the solution to your business problem, our data has you covered. Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss:

  • What businesses matter to you? Every business? Just businesses that have a certain characteristic or classification?
  • What attribution matters to you? Do you need certain firmographic data, ownership information, sales data or more?
  • Do you need to analyze this information by individual business or aggregate and analyze business data rolled up to the building?
  • What geography or geographies do you care about?

We listen to your needs and curate building footprint and business data solutions that solve your business problems.

Residential Information

Residential Information

  • Single Family Home + MDUs
  • Household + Ownership
  • Age, Race + Affluence
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Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

  • Building Height
  • Ground Elevation
  • Area, Stories + Year Built
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  • Geocode
  • Reverse Geocode
  • To Connect Building Footprints to Other Address-based Data
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