Our goal for BuildingFootprintUSA™ products is straightforward: We create high quality building footprint geospatial data, enrich it with comprehensive address information, and combine it with the best postal and census coding.

This allows our data to be connected to virtually any other data source.

Our first building footprint product came out in June 2016 and we have been adding to our coverage every quarter since. Urban, suburban, and rural areas are all important to us as we complete our coverage of the USA.

Technical Specifications:

  • ZIP+4 postal information
  • 15 character Census Block
  • US Postal Service standardization of address information
At the end of 2017 we released our first Canadian product, focused on major metro areas. Since then we have been adding coverage across all provinces, creating new coverage from LIDAR, and building out all of the capabilities of a complete solution for your business.

Technical Specifications:

  • 6 Digit Postcode information
  • Dissemination Area coding
  • Canada Post standardization of address information
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