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BuildingFootprintUSA™ – December 2017 News


At BuildingFootprintUSA™, we just released our November 2017 product – our 6th major release as we continue to build out the highest quality building footprint data solution. When we built our first product in the middle of 2016 we did not realize then what we do now – that high quality, high accuracy building footprint data can solve new and hard problems across virtually every industry. Telco, Insurance, Retail, Real Estate, Utilities and more – all are seeing the value of building footprint data to Locate, Analyze and Visualize business problems.

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Contact us at to tell us about your business challenges. We love getting sample data into your hands to see if we can be part of your solution.

Recent BuildingFootprintUSA™ News

In the last few months, we have had a number of major announcements. Here are some of our favorite stories.

The Details Behind the BuildingFootprintUSA™ Story

Why do we spend time explaining what we do and how we do it? We want you to feel confident that you have found a trusted partner who is building out a quality, nationwide building footprint product.

BuildingFootprintUSA™ and Our Esri Partnership

We are very excited about a lot of Esri-related news the past few months. We joined the Esri Startup Program, we demonstrated the value of Rooftop Geocoding in ArcGIS Address Locator, and we showed how building footprint data can provide exciting insight using ArcGIS 3d.

Canadian Product Announcement

This quarter we are releasing our first Canadian Building Footprint product. Our first product will contain nearly 4 million building footprints across Canada and will provide a high accuracy solution for Canadian companies and companies with cross-border business.

Start a conversation with us at Let us get data into your hands so you can understand

what a nationwide, richly-attributed building footprint dataset can do for your business.

Our Latest Quarterly Release

BuildingFootprintUSA – New Coverage and Updating Coverage in our Latest Release   We are very excited to get our latest…

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