Esri Incorporates BuildingFootprintUSA™ Data for Deep Learning

For over a year we have been a part of the Esri Partner Community. We are excited about extending our Esri partnership with the introduction of BuildingFootprintUSA™ content into the Esri product suite. Read the press release here.

Our partnership consists of 3 elements:

1. Esri will incorporate BuildingFootprintUSA™ and BuildingFootprintCanada Addresses data into ArcGIS geocoding products.

2. Esri will add our USA and Canadian building footprint data into ArcGIS Online Basemaps

3. Esri will use our data as an ingredient to create advanced training data for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

This announcement is exciting for us on many levels. Most importantly it allows the entire ArcGIS user community to see and benefit from the accuracy of real rooftop geocoding and to incorporate more building footprint data in their maps. From there users can imagine new, innovative uses for building footprint data to solve their hardest problems.

To learn more about our next generation data solutions or the integration of BuildingFootprintUSA™ data into ArcGIS products, drop us a note at

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