Expanding Coverage in Our Canadian Release

We shipped out the latest release of BuildingFootprintCanada last week; we have expanded our coverage in a number of dimensions.

You may be looking for a higher accuracy solution for 5G telecom analysis, insurance risk and peril determination, regional planning, or another exacting use case.  BuildingFootprintCanada provides the detail that you need to better solve your location-based business problems.

With this release we are adding over 700,000 rooftop-accurate, standardized addresses for geocoding.  We find that standard address point and parcel centroid geocoding frequently (10-40% of the time) can leave you 10-100 meters away from the actual location of a building.  BuildingFootprintCanada reconciles this issue with rooftop accuracy.

You will also see in our release that we have built out complete coverage with height data for Calgary.  We now cover an additional 1.4 million people in the metropolitan area with high quality, 3D analysis-capable, richly attributed building footprint data.  

And there is more coming.  In our next release we are building out more metro areas with 3D-capable content.  Want a preview of what is coming next?  Drop us an email on our Contact page.

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