Expanding coverage in our March USA and Canada Releases

“The killer app in the GIS world isn’t really an app, it’s data.” –

That’s our new favorite quote these days and reflects what we see in our discussions with geospatial leaders and innovators across industries – data is the differentiator. At BuildingFootprintUSA™ high accuracy, richly attributed building footprint data is the next killer app.

To further that goal we are continuously building out and updating our USA and Canadian products. BuildingFootprintUSA™ and BuildingFootprintCanada are key ingredients that our clients are using for geocoding, geofencing, telecom network planning, flood risk analysis and operations, and more.

In the United States our release is a groundbreaking for a number of reasons. We have added:

Over 10 million unique addresses added, continuing to deliver the highest rooftop and building geocoding possibleOver 8 million building heights added, supporting key business users in telecom, insurance and real estate New and updated building footprint coverage in 35 statesOverall coverage added by population?

One of the areas that we are most excited about is delivering a complete update of the Houston Texas metropolitan area. We believe that this update, built from the latest LIDAR data, delivers the highest accuracy spatial data and attribute information, connected to building height and ground elevation.

The centrepiece of our Canadian update is complete coverage for the City of Montréal, complete with the most accurate building height and high accuracy ground elevation coverage available.

There is so much more to our data and our upcoming release. Find out more about our release and how richly attributed building footprint data can support your most important business solutions. Contact us at

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