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HazardHub and BuildingFootprintUSA recently signed a partnership agreement that combines the data of two innovative companies. HazardHub is building out the most innovative and affordable hazard data in the market, with a broad catalog that is continuously growing. BuildingFootprintUSA provides the high accuracy location detail and linkage to additional critical enrichment data. Let’s explain how this partnership benefits you and better solves your business problems.

The HazardHub and BuildingFootprintUSA Partnership

The Risk Challenge

Across industries, what is it like to be in a key decision-making position where risks and hazards are always on your mind?  How can you determine with confidence if a property’s location has been historically exposed to risk, or what is its future risk profile?

You’re an underwriter, actuary or risk management specialist in the Property Insurance industry and you need to understand the inherent (and often non-obvious) risk associated with any property as you analyze, price and underwrite the property.  You need a complete picture of hazards to make an accurate risk decision. Speed is also a factor, so prefilling capability is a must. You must do this over and over again, with little or no on-the-ground insight into the property, while keeping your costs as low as possible.  

You’re an analyst in the real estate industry and you’ve been tasked with making data-driven buy, sell and lease decisions. You need to quantify the potential impact of climate-change driven phenomena and other hazards on your decisions.

You’re a specialist planning out telecommunications infrastructure across the country, determining asset construction and management of billions of dollars of wireless and landline equipment.  Upfront you need to understand upfront the potential risks associated with asset placement.

You need:

  • Affordability – your decision-making is more complex than ever, your budget hasn’t gone up
  • Ease of use – you need to fetch and integrate the data with low complexity 
  • Extensibility – you must have partners who are listening to your additional needs, inventing the data ingredients that you’ll need tomorrow

How best to solve these business challenges? 

Combine high accuracy building-centric data from BuildingFootprintUSA with the premier hazard dataset from HazardHub.

The HazardHub Advantage

HazardHub brings the best data for understanding risks associated with man-made and natural perils.  HazardHub’s datasets include point hazard locations, area-based hazards, and area-based models.  HazardHub tracks the physical hazards associated with all of the elements – fire, water, air and earth.  Let’s look through some of the datasets.


HazardHub Fire Protection Class reflects how quickly and effectively a specific property can be covered by local firefighting assets. This scoring model consists of the only commercially available fire hydrant database, in addition to a nationwide fire station database. When you start with BuildingFootprintUSA’s geocoding accuracy, you will get property specific scores. 

The severity of Wildfire risk is challenging all previous norms. There is a need for better tools to understand and predict them. The HazardHub Wildfire Model has been proven to be the most accurate at predicting risk, versus all other commercially available options. Using recent claims data HazardHub’s model has been industry-proven to be the most accurate at predicting risk. The model uses unique factors such as Katabatic Winds and satellite derived vegetation data points.

Where can HazardHub deliver insight into man-made point hazards?  Get location insight using a database of half a million underground storage tanks; these locations are a source of contaminated groundwater, which requires costly remediation efforts, and devalue property prices.

These are several examples of the 33 (and growing) unique databases of information that quantify and qualify the hazard associated with any given location.  

The BuildingFootprintUSA Advantage for Risk Assessment

BuildingFootprintUSA data on top of HazardHub data provides two main benefits – the ability to utilize the highest accuracy location data on single buildings or complexes, and the capability to bring in additional enrichment data into your analysis.

Imagine that you have the potential to underwrite a large multi-building apartment complex near a coastal area.  Typically you would use a parcel centroid or an address point generalization to assess risk.  With BuildingFootprintUSA data you can ensure that any point that you use has the highest accuracy – rooftop accuracy.  Furthermore, if the property has multiple buildings you can run a test on each building and disaggregate the risk.    

When you test every building in this complex you will understand that the buildings range in distance from the coast from dozens of feet to over a thousand feet.  These data points give you an appreciation for the varied risk for each building due to coastal water risk and surge.  Building level detail allows any test to be high granularity; give each building a test for distance to fire hydrant, or test each building against a wildfire or flood model.

Testing any building at the rooftop level provides the highest confidence in the accuracy of the model.  For example, a million dollar residence, in the middle of a 15 acre parcel, in a wildfire-prone area merits the highest input accuracy when determining risk.

Combining BuildingFootprintUSA data with HazardHub’s risk insights lets you take advantage of BuildingFootprintUSA enrichment.  Not only are you using the highest accuracy location for the address, you can understand the contents and characteristics of the building.  Does the building’s commercial activity diminish or appreciate the risk?  Have there been any construction activities to mitigate the risk?  How has the value of the building changed over time, and has the risk or an external factor changed that value?

HazardHub and BuildingFootprintUSA Solutions - Delivered On-Demand

Regardless of industry – insurance, telecom or real estate – if you’re tasked with understanding and managing risk you’re under operational and cost pressure.  Evaluating risk does not have to be an expensive proposition, either in the cost of data or the cost of implementation.  Imagine a process that is this easy:

  1. Call BuildingFootprintUSA’s API with an address, making a request for a high accuracy location and HazardHub data
  2. Receive a response with a location and the risk factors
  3. Pay (a reasonable amount) for what you use

It’s that easy to get the highest accuracy location, risk-related enrichment and address-related enrichment from two innovative data companies – HazardHub and BuildingFootprintUSA.


About Our Data

BuildingFootprintUSA™ understands that every building is important to someone.

About BuildingFootprintUSA

At BuildingFootprintUSA™, we develop next-generation geolocation data centered on the built environment — where people live, work, shop and play. Our hyper-accurate building data helps you make critical decisions that are highly dependent on location.

About HazardHub

HazardHub is the only third-generation provider of property-level hazard risk databases. HazardHub provides comprehensive, national coverage for risks that destroy and damage property, including perils from air (wind, hail, tornado, lightning), water (flood, coastal storm surge), earth (earthquake, brownfield, Superfund) and fire (wildfire and fire protection).

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