Highly Accurate Location Data to Help Build Out Your Network

Why Building Footprint Data?

Now more than ever, we need highly accurate location data to help build, maintain and support the telecommunication infrastructure. By enhancing current data sets with building footprint data, telecommunications engineers and analysts are shown a much clearer picture of both current and potential investments. Building footprint data adds further value to telecommunications engineers/analyst by providing optional building attributes.

Accurate Building Height Data

With the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure to meet the needs of a 5G network, having accurate building height data is more important than ever. Learn how BuildingFootprintUSA data can provide you with the most accurate building height data on the available today.

Visualize Construction Density 

Our permit data records give interested parties a picture if what a landscape could look like in the near future. By having an easy to interpret heat map representing the density of new construction (MDU’s) you can anticipate where to expand. 

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