Based in Albany, NY, the four BuildingFootprintUSA™™ founders bring over 100 years of geospatial and data solution experience to the company and to our customers. We think about geospatial data all of the time – envisioning, designing, building, selling and supporting data solutions that we can provide to our customers.

How did we get started?
We had an idea – high accuracy geospatial data would be a great addition to the Mobile AdTech toolkit. Mobile AdTech companies needed a more accurate way to take trace data coming off of devices and turn it into context. We created our first product and released it — instant Mobile AdTech customers!

However the more exciting thing was that a Telco company came along — and then an Insurance company — and then a Utility company — and they all asked the same question —
“Can we use your data to solve our spatial problems better?”



First product release for the USA, focused on Mobile AdTech

First addressed product release for the USA



Signed up our first Insurance industry client

Signed up our first Telco industry client

Became an Esri Startup Partner

Released our first Canadian product



Added to our data solutions portfolio by partnering with Infogroup and an assessor data company

Our first webinar with Directions Magazine

Moved into our office space in Albany, in Great Oaks Offices

Made numerous trips to Target for office furniture, Price Chopper for food, Via Fresca for pizza

Signed up our first data reseller and value added partner



Joined StartupNY

Our second webinar with Directions Magazine

Our first time exhibiting at a conference! Esri UC 2019

Signed up our 5th data reseller and partner

Moved into our new office at 1 Winners Circle

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