With building footprint data you can make more accurate and smarter decisions. Compare addressed building footprint data against the flood zone. We help create risk tolerance and underwriting rules with location accuracy and certainty.

Risk Assessment

Do you have the most accurate locations possible?
BuildingFootprintUSA™ rooftop precision enables the most accurate answers to key questions:

  • How far is the location from potential perils such as coast lines and flood zones?
  • What is my location relative to other key influencers that exacerbate or mitigate risk? Are there nearby or adjoining buildings, fire stations, and fire hydrants?

Underwriting Pre-fill

In the underwriting process you need to know as much as possible about your target. This information could be new information that completes your knowledge of the property, or data points that validate what you hear from your customer in the underwriting process. We provide key data points on a building’s:

  • Ownership whether individual or corporate, tenure, number of owners
  • Market value from tax assessment and sale pricing
  • Construction characteristics such as foundation and roof type
  • Physical characteristics, units, square area, height

Risk Aggregation

You know that risk decisions aren’t binary — buildings aren’t good or bad, safe or unsafe. Complex, large buildings and multi-building properties need to be assessed over their whole area to determine the sum of all risk. Perform risk calculations across the whole surface or around the whole perimeter of your building or buildings. Aggregate individual risk points, determine the low and high extent of your risk, or determine individual building risk for multi-building complexes.

Flood + Wildfire Risk Services

Flood and wildfire risk are collectively responsible for tens of billions of dollars of loss each year. Accurately determining risk is not a single query. Evaluating the potential for loss starts with a high accuracy building footprint rather than a approximate point location. High accuracy locations let you test against wildfire and flood zones and risk models. Bring in additional data from BuildingFootprintUSA™ — ground elevation, building characteristics, and insight into the usage and contents of the building – to tune your risk and loss estimates.



COPE data are the building blocks of underwriting and managing portfolio risk for the Insurance industry.

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Ground Elevation

Ground Elevation

Address Data, Height Data, and Business Information all in one.

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