Highlights From Our Latest Release

Our Latest Data Release

Every release of our data has a theme and our latest quarterly data release has a theme of “Everywhere”. As we looked at all of the improvements that we are making – all of our new coverage and all of our improvements to existing coverage – we found our work is adding high accuracy data everywhere. There are only 4 states (Massachusetts, Maine, Mississippi, Oklahoma) and the District of Columbia that aren’t seeing significant new coverage and updates in this release; undoubtedly they are targets for our next release.

Between our programs that add in new coverage, and our work on adding in additional addressing, our latest release adds over 6 million rooftop accurate address locations.  We continue to draw from the latest high quality addressing datasets from cities, counties and metro areas.  In upcoming releases you will see this number continue to skyrocket.

Our clients in Telco, Real estate and Insurance ask us for more height information and we’re delivering.  We added over 4 million buildings with real height data. We add high accuracy height data to all of our coverage that we are creating from high quality LIDAR.  We are also going back and adding height data to our existing building footprint coverage.  In this release we are adding height attribution to our building footprint fabric in Cook County, IL and Pima County, AZ, which we believe are industry firsts.

It’s not just urban cores that get our attention.  In our latest release you’ll see build-out in Texas in counties such as Scurry County (population 16,703), Live Oak County (population 12,166) and other extensive areas across Texas from the panhandle to the Gulf Coast.  Rural counties are on our radar because important business decisions are being made there; billions of dollars of utility and petroleum industry assets run through these counties and need to be actively managed.  

We have some other exciting announcements on the horizon for ways that our data will be delivered and utilized.  Follow us closely to hear the great news for those who value high accuracy data solutions to solve mission critical business problems!

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