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How do you create a successful marketing interaction with someone based on where they have gone and where they will go? That is one of the fundamental questions of location-based marketing or mobile advertising technology — mobile adtech.

Mobile adtech can mean so much more than you think

You may be wondering:

  • What attracts people to a particular location?
  • How do you identify patterns in movement across a population?
  • Where does someone’s point of origin influence their behavior at a location?
  • What are the movement patterns around your competitors?
  • What movement happens (and when!) around a location where you may build a new store?

BuildingFootprintUSA™ provides the key ingredient for answering location questions with confidence

A building footprint is used for connecting movement data to location.

Questions you might need to answer with our data include:

  • Is someone within or close to a business?
  • Are they moving towards or passing by a business?
  • What floor of the building is a person on?
  • Do you need a solution to understand why a person is at a location?

Linking point of interest, business data and household data provides a complete picture of why a person may be there. This data, combined with your trace data — latitude & longitude, temporal information, and more — provides a complete picture to solve high value mobile adtech analytics problems.

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