Physical and Property Characteristics

Many of your business problems probably require you to understand what a building looks like, or what its key statistics are.

BuildingFootprintUSA™ data captures many physical and property characteristics, such as:

  • Building height
  • Ground elevation
  • Square area
  • Ownership
  • Valuation

Building height is the basic building block when you want to visualize or analyze information in 3D.  Viewsheds, line of sight, wireless signal propagation, urban planning — all require the ability to understand the height of buildings.  We are adding building height attribution to millions of buildings with each of our releases.

Do you need to understand how the basic elevation of a building can influence risk or exposure for insurance underwriting, or engineering and construction in the utility industry?

We provide two levels of ground elevation attribution. The basic attribution is a minimum, maximum and average ground elevation for every building. For advanced attribution we provide Perimeter Ground Elevation where every vertex or node of the building carries a ground elevation value.

Square footage attribution hints at what is inside a building. How many square feet does a single family home or multi-family residential building have?  How big is an industrial manufacturing building inside? How many square feet of retail space are in a shopping mall.

Understanding the ownership of a building provides important context for many business problems that you may have. What influence does ownership have on selling goods and services to commercial or residential inhabitants? Is a building owner-occupied?  What buildings are owned by a particular owner?

Valuation — what is a building worth according to the market or to a tax assessor — has many uses.  How much is the building worth in the context of an insurance or risk assessment? Does valuation say anything about the tenants and their characteristics?  Can valuation of buildings provide insight on regional planning programs, their creation, and their impact?


Do you need to understand additional data points about the building or what is inside?

These are just the starting points for understanding the physical and property characteristics.

We regularly talk to our clients about additional needs that they have.

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Commercial Insights

Commercial Insights

  • Business Name + Address
  • Employees + Firmographics
  • SIC + NAICS codes
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Residential Information

Residential Information

  • Single Family Home + MDUs
  • Household + Ownership
  • Age, Race + Affluence
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  • Geocode
  • Reverse Geocode
  • To Connect Building Footprints to Other Address-based Data
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