Multiple Dwelling Units

A multiple-dwelling unit (MDU) is a real estate development or complex which houses a large number of people, such as apartments or condominium units. Telecom service providers are very interested in understanding where these buildings are located because it provides a large potential opportunity for new customers.

Additionally, telecom service providers would like to know where new MDUs are being built in relation to their network.

This can be a daunting task for any network planner, analyst, or data scientist. To properly do this, numerous data sets need to be cleaned, aggregated, and given an accurate location. 

What Problems Can Building Footprints Solve?

Problem: Where are MDUs located in relation to my network or new network?

Answer: We have the ability to overlay building footprint data with primary and secondary addresses (secondary units). We also provide building type/classification along with what businesses are associated with that address.

Problem: Who is the developer or building owner? What is the name of the condo owner?

Answer: Building footprint data can provide the contact information for the owners and/or developers for the buildings and/or condos.

Problem: How can I tell if it is a mixed-use building? If so, what kind of commercial businesses are located within the mixed-use building?

Answer: By using building footprint data, we can identify the residential address ranges and any commercial businesses within the building. We can also provide the business name and type.


Problem: What information would I want to know in order to turn a commercial building into a residential building?

Answer: We provide data that allows you to see if a commercial building is being remodeled into a residential building. In addition, we can provide the owner, builder, and developer’s name.


Residential Information

Residential Information

  • Single Family Home + MDUs
  • Household + Ownership
  • Age, Race + Affluence
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Permit Data

Permit Data

This construction data can give businesses a clearer picture of what the landscape could look like in the near future.

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Building Height

Building Height

Height data enhances your understanding of what is within each structure and takes your analysis from 2D to 3D.

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