Building Permits

What is permit data?

It is an address level record of the intention to build or renovate at a specific location at a specific time. A large range of construction work is tracked via permits in the United States for both residential and commercial structures. 

Permit data is an early indication of pending construction work in the United States. This construction data can give businesses a clearer picture of what the landscape could look like in the near future.

Last year, approximately 15,000 permits representing 467,000 units were issued to build Apartment and Condo units in the United States. Each of these permits presents an opportunity to gain early market knowledge of planned construction for a specific building. By offering this data in an easily visualized format your business can make the most effective use of our permit data offering.

What type of information is included with each permit?

  • Construction Type (see full list below)
  • Description of work
  • Square Feet
  • Units
  • Permit Date
  • Address
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Owner information
  • Builder information
  • Designer/architect information

What type of construction is tracked?

Some types include:

  • Apartments and Condos
  • Duplexes and Twin Homes
  • Hospitals and other Institutions
  • Mixed-use Buildings
  • Motels, Hotels, and RV Parks
  • Single-family homes
  • And many more



Our building footprint data can be viewed on both a macro and micro scale. In the image gallery to the left, the first image depicts a heat map of the growth rate in construction events in Harris County, TX.

the second image in the gallery provides an individual location level view into Harris County permits and planned construction. 

Finally, we get a close look at a slice of Harris county. Here you can clearly see the discreet outlines of individual building footprints within this area of Harris County, which adds further ease of visualization to this data set.

Building permit data provides deep insight into Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), including the ability to identify MDU hotspots, points representing MDUs within an area, and the specific location of any MDU or new construction you may be interested in.

With 82% of the U.S. population covered by our data, odds are we will have a solution that will work for you. 


Multiple Dwelling Units

Multiple Dwelling Units

We can give you the data surrounding real estate developments or complexes that house multiple apartments and condominium units.

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Building footprint data — with complete address information and rich attribution — drives the next generation of location intelligence solutions for the telecommunications industry.

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Building footprint data offers value to commercial real estate analysis by compensating for the inherent weaknesses resulting from relying exclusively on address information.

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