The New Stack for Flood Peril

BuildingFootprintUSA is building the New Data Stack for Flood Peril that supports your flood analytics and decision making.  By “Stack” we mean a set of data that you can utilize and implement at your pace – as you want to increase the sophistication of your analysis, you can draw from additional data components on the stack.

At BuildingFootprintUSA, we talk to customers in the flood industry who want a few things:

  • They want access to new information and data that support the increasingly sophisticated decision-making that flood peril analytics requires
  • They want to be able to ingest and use the straightforward datasets while exploring the more complex data to understand how best to utilize it
  • They need to see the value points of these new data solutions – new analytics on top of new data should drive lower implementation costs, more accurate peril identification resulting in accurate pricing and protection against unforeseen loss, and higher customer satisfaction.

If you’re in the flood peril business you are balancing the operations of your business with continuous improvement.  There is no easy button. You’re trying to improve your analytical decision making while finding the data fuel that powers your analytics.  The data wrangling and data sourcing becomes an immense task that takes you and your organization away from creating the new analytical methods that keep you at the top of your industry.

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