Use Building-Centric Analysis to Uncover Detail and Opportunity

At BuildingFootprintUSA™ we are continuously showing customers how a building-centric view of the world unmasks previously unseen detail on households, populations and locations … and how that new view provides opportunity for your business to identify, target and deliver at a heightened level of accuracy.

Imagine the average apartment building complex of 4, 8, or 20 buildings. It’s easy to picture these neighborhoods as homogeneous. Whether we look at them from the sky, or see them on a drive through the neighborhood there might be few visual cues that hint at the diversity contained within. If you are a target marketer, if you are delivering a service, if you are a location based marketer tracing populations based on device location – you have resigned yourself to not being able to understand or differentiate among a population of hundreds of people and households who live in these complexes.

The value of Building-Centric Analysis

Never settle for generalizations again. We are giving you new tools to perform the most accurate target marketing, and location based marketing and analysis.

At BuildingFootprintUSA™ we have a menu of content that you can attach to the building footprints – variables and data packs that line up with your business needs. As an example, we matched up the best commercial lifestyle segmentation product on the market with building footprints. Using this product at the ZIP+4 level we were able to tag every building with its predominant lifestyle segment. In what was previously seen as a homogeneous, undifferentiated apartment complex you now have variety and richness that pops out. Over 7 different lifestyle clusters appear, each sharing many common themes but each different enough in what the people in the cluster believe, value, think, and buy. Your ability to understand and act based on this insight is transformed.

Why does this happen?

There are so many reasons why there is socioeconomic and lifestyle diversity within a seemingly consistent population. The apartment variety or construction timeframe can draw different buyer types to different buildings. Certain locations within a complex can be more desirable, come with a higher cost, and cause differentiation. Even at a micro-level the old saw of “birds of a feather flock together” will hold true.

Building Centric Analysis is the Future

In this example, prior to building-centric analysis you were forced to treat over 400 people and their households as uniform; now a richness of information allows you to differentiate, understand, and tune your relationship with each household.

On a nationwide scale there are over 1.2 million buildings that are in apartment complexes with three or more buildings. As a target marketer or location based marketer you have not had insight to identify the critical differences for tens of millions of households that live in these buildings. We can bring you the insight that lets you distinguish meaningful lifestyle and demographic characteristics. At BuildingFootprintUSA™ our goal is to make accurate building-centric analysis available nationwide.

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