Building footprint data — high accuracy data that you can enrich and join to virtually any other geospatial data set — is a foundation for GIS analysis in the utilities industry.

How can you use BuildingFootprintUSA™ data for solving complex problems?

You might be upstream

Whether you are a renewables company scouting for rooftop solar sites, or a petroleum exploration company searching for energy fields and operating production equipment, all upstream segments of the utility industry require accurate GIS data to mitigate risk, optimize searching, and comply with government regulations. 

You might be midstream

If you are midstream in the utility industry, you’re delivering your service to market. Whether you’re delivering crude oil or natural gas products to refineries, or delivering energy into the grid, you’ll be tapping into existing infrastructure or creating new infrastructure. You use GIS data for all planning, monitoring, compliance and risk mitigation activities. 

You might be downstream

Lastly, if you’re downstream in the utility industry, you’re marketing and distributing energy to end users.

Who are your end users? Where are they located? Which consumers and which locations are the most efficient? How can last mile infrastructure be built to connect to your consumers?

All of these questions can be answered more accurately by using BuildingFootprintUSA™™ data solutions to locate, analyze, and visualize where households and businesses exist.

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