What makes Mobile AdTech Location Intelligent?

What locations are people visiting?

What is at a location that people visit?

What insight can you get about the people visiting a specific location?

When you are responsible for Mobile AdTech Geospatial Analysis you are trying to accurately answer these questions and more. You might be at a Telecom company turning device trace data into insight. Or you are at a Demand Side Platform (DSP) providing geotargeting to your clients. You might own a mobile intelligence platform that provides geoanalytics for location based marketing AND other innovative uses for movement data.

For any of these uses, you could be processing hundreds of thousands or billions of locations – and you NEED accurate answers. You get this accuracy from having the best location intelligence data available. Don’t settle for “close enough” when highly accurate data is available.

Building footprint data regularly provides more accurate answers when you are geotargeting, geofencing and connecting trace locations to the real world. For example, geofencing against a high accuracy building versus a low accuracy point that approximates the location of the same building can provide a more accurate answer over 30% of the time.

Download the to find out more about what makes high accuracy Location Intelligence for Mobile AdTech.

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